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Team Korea for leading AI semiconductor,


Minister Jong-ho Lee of the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) chaired the 3rd 'Top-level Strategic Dialogue on Artificial Intelligence Semiconductors' at NHN Cloud in Pangyo and presented a commencement report for the first phase of the 'K-Cloud Project' on June 26.




The 'K-Cloud Project' is a policy to strengthen domestic cloud competitiveness by developing world-class ultra-high-speed and low-power domestic AI semiconductors and applying them to data centers. The government announced the "K-Cloud Promotion Plan Utilizing Domestic AI Semiconductors" in December last year.




MSIT will invest a total of 826.2 billion won from 2023 to 2030 to upgrade domestic AI semiconductors in three stages (NPU → low-power PIM → ultra-low-power PIM), and also promote a demonstration project to provide cloud-based AI services by applying them to data centers step by step via this plan.




"In order for the use of AI, including ultra-large language models, a significant number of semiconductor chips are required to operate, and global companies are competing fiercely to create high-performance and low-power AI semiconductors optimized for AI computation," said Minister Lee. In addition, “we will spare no effort to help Korea secure world-class AI semiconductor technology by leveraging our memory semiconductor capabilities to advance AI semiconductors in stages by 2030, developing additional to apply them to data centers, and fostering AI semiconductor experts," added Minister Lee.




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