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MSIT to vitalize digital economy with regulation amendments!


The National Data Policy Committee is established with a long awaited wish from the industry for regulation amendments and extensive fosterage of the industry. The Committee consists of 30 members with the Prime Minister as the Chairperson, the Minister of Science and ICT and the Minister of Interior and Safety as the co-Administrators. The first meeting was held with the agendas of ‘regulation amendments for new data industry’ and ‘the direction for the first Data Industry Promotion Plan.’

The first agenda was ‘regulation amendments for new data industry’. Data became the core technology in the digital economy that acts as a momentum to digitally transform society and economy. Data based new industries such as metaverse and autonomous driving is expected to grow rapidly and lead the success of national competitiveness.

Major improvements in data field includes MyData and pseudonymous data combination. MyData service will be provided in more extensive areas in communications and medicine. Pseudonymous data combination, currently only handled by the public agencies, will also be handled by private specialized agencies, and application form will be standardized. A set of new standards for collection and use of the personal information specifically for the mobile video processing device will be instituted.

Major improvements in new industry fosterage includes metaverse and autonomous driving. With a rising concerns over possibility of metaverse being regulated as game, the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism will soon draw up a guideline to differentiate metaverse and gaming contents. To promote metaverse industry, Special Act and Promotion Act will be pushed to be established. Also, in order to increase the convenience of vulnerable people, autonomous driving services will be allowed in the urban parks. In addition, since OTT content self-rating system passed the National Assembly, the system will be initiated swiftly.

The following agenda was ‘the direction for the first Data Industry Promotion Plan.’ Korea will promote policies to build world’s best data value chain based on government-private cooperation. Under the goals of i) opening and securing quality data, ii) building trade and logistics ecosystem with lower entry barriers for private companies, iii) fostering safe data foundation that will accelerate the innovation, and iv) reinforcing foundation of the data industry such as enterprises, manpower, and technologies, the Korea government will seek for the tailored support measures and system improvements that government and private sectors require, and further prepare and execute projects that will help enterprises and people to drive the data based innovations and take the lead in the digital economy.

The Committee will cooperate with related ministries and private sector experts to draw up the first Data Industry Promotion Plan within this year.

For further information, please contact the Public Relations Division (Phone: +82-44-202-4034, E-mail: of the Ministry of Science and ICT.

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