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S.Korea to lead space technologies with 2022 Space Challenge Project


The Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT, Minister: Lim Hyesook) announced 2022 Space Challenge Project, which is aimed to develop a high-performing, liquid propellant rocket engine that supports the self-propelled space vehicles under the space missions including sending the lunar lander to the moon and developing Korean Positioning System.   

The Space Challenge Project is composed of two sub-projects: i) interdisciplinary R&D project, which has been carried out since 2020, and ii) a new project to secure core future technologies starting from 2022.

The interdisciplinary R&D project presents a comprehensive research direction and invites researchers to propose diverse ideas under the presented direction. Under this project, two groups of researchers will take a different R&D approach to the same thesis, and the winning team will be selected as a result of the interim assessment. Only the winning teams will be able to continue the work with the government’s support. The budget allocated this year to the existing and new tasks amounts to 5.9 billion won(or USD 4.92 million).

The new project to secure core future technologies aims to develop, pre-emptively, core technologies including high-performing, liquid propellant rocket engine. This project will be led by Korea Aerospace Research Institute with the government fund of 12 billion won(or USD 100 million). Furthermore, such developed core technologies will be used for the development of the next-generation space rocket.

For further information, please contact Spokesperson for foreign media Kim Heehyun (E-mail:, 82-44-202-4027) of the Ministry of Science and ICT.

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