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MSIT to hold roundtable to present the direction on the ‘Next Generation Network Development Strategy’


Minister Lim Hyesook of Science and ICT held the round table on January 25, to present the direction on the ‘Next Generation Network Development Strategy’ and hear ideas from other experts with different backgrounds.

With the emergence of new innovative services that drive the need for ultra broadband network, the Korean government selected 5G/6G as the top ten national critical and emerging technologies. Furthermore, it decided to establish the ‘Next Generation Network Development Strategy,’ which is a comprehensive policy that covers innovative technologies and network industrial ecosystem.

At the round table, MSIT announced to support the cutting-edge technologies, advance network infrastructure, and build a sea-to-sky network. MSIT also pledged to build a robust industrial ecosystem and activate network-based services, to become the most advanced nation in the network industry.

Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute(ETRI) proposed the network technologies based on its future outlook where immersive, real-like experiences will dominate. The network technologies include development technologies for 5G-advanced, 6G components and devices, and network-linked software platforms and hardware technologies for XR services with ultra low latency.

Telecommunications companies shared their future plans, pledging to collaborate to enhance the telecom ecosystem so as to provide the stable and high quality of networks. They are also considering the use of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and metaverse. Samsung electronics proposed its plan to develop 5G core chips at home and equip itself with the world’s class software capabilities.

The participating experts exchanged challenges they face and made suggestions needed to secure leadership in the future network industry. 

For further information, please contact Spokesperson for foreign media Kim Heehyun (E-mail:, 82-44-202-4027) of the Ministry of Science and ICT.

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