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Opening the door to ROK-US space industry cooperation!



  • MSIT and US Department of Commerce co-host "ROK-US Space Industry Symposium"

  • Space businesses of both countries discuss technology exchange and cooperation opportunities




The Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Lee Jong Ho, hereinafter referred to as 'MSIT'), jointly with the United States Department of Commerce, hosted the "ROK-US Space Industry Symposium" on November 8th (Wed.) 2023, at the Mayfield Hotel Seoul.




The Republic of Korea-the United States of America Space Industry Symposium is a follow-up event to the space industry cooperation agreements reached during the "3rd ROK-US Civil Space Dialogue" in December 2022 and the ROK-US Summit in April 2023. The Symposium is also organized as a commemorative event for the 70th anniversary of the ROK-US alliance. The Symposium was scheduled on the first day as part of the "Korea Space Forum 2023" to facilitate exchanges between space businesses of both countries and discuss cooperation opportunities.




The Symposium attended by major US government agencies in charge of space policies, including Chirag Parikh, the Executive Secretary of the White House National Space Council (NSpC), Michael C. Morgan, the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Environmental Observation and Prediction, and other key figures representing the US Department of State, Department of Defense, and Department of Transportation. The attendees from Korea included Minister of Science and ICT Lee Jong Ho, members of the National Space Committee, and the Working Committee for the Promotion of Space Development.




The Symposium began with presentations by Korea and the US outlining their respective space policies. MSIT introduced Korea's policies for promotion of the space industry, and the government's plan for newly establishing the Korea AeroSpace Administration. The US Department of Commerce, Department of Transportation, and Department of Defense introduced the latest policies and blueprints related to space commerce and exploration, among other aspects of the space sector.




Following the governmental presentations, the Symposium continued with topical presentations and a panel discussion participated by space businesses from both Korea and the US. These sessions covered a wide range of agendas, namely: (1) Mutual participation of Korean and US space businesses in national space programs of each side, (2) Government support for strengthening industrial partnerships, (3) Enhancement of supply chain resilience in the space sector, (4) Commercial utilization of low Earth orbit (LEO) and cooperation in lunar exploration, and more.




The Symposium featured various supplementary events as well. Exhibition booths were set up for businesses to showcase their most recent technological capabilities. In the afternoon, participating businesses will present their visions, achievements, and plans for collaboration with their counterparts from the other country at a press conference. After the official events end, a welcome dinner is preserved for relevant agencies and organizations from both countries, and other symposium participants in the space sector, allowing for networking and discussions on specific cooperation initiatives to advance in a casual setting.




Through this Symposium, South Korea and the United States improved their understanding of their counterparts’ space industry policy and regulatory systems. Building upon such understanding, both parties identified the common goal of developing the space industry. This Symposium is especially notable in that the direct participation of businesses has delivered fresh and on-site perspectives on space industry cooperation, while enabling practical discussions of business-to-business cooperation initiatives.




Furthermore, both countries have adopted a joint statement which summarizes the key points of what was discussed in the Symposium. It is anticipated that in the future, collaboration between Korean and the US space businesses will be stimulated with what is stipulated by this joint statement, enabling Korean businesses to pioneer new space markets and secure growth momentum along with their US partners. In addition, the meeting between the National Space Council and Committee of each country during this occasion is expected to strengthen bilateral cooperation framework in the space sector and foster smoother high-level communications between the two nations.




Meanwhile, on the second day of the Korea Space Form 2023 (November 9th), the "Korea-Emerging Space Countries Symposium" will take place. Professor Anthony P. D'Costa at the University of Alabama in Huntsville will deliver the keynote speech for this session, under the theme of "A New Paradigm: Space Economy, Space Industry, and A New Space." Representatives from emerging space countries, namely Thailand, Malaysia, and Mexico will participate, introducing respective countries' progress on space activities and future directions, and discuss potential space cooperation opportunities with Korea.




MSIT Minister Lee Jong Ho stated, "This Symposium represents a significant opportunity to solidify the ROK-US Alliance in the space industry and to secure growth momentum for Korean space businesses through bilateral cooperation with the US." He further stated, "If the Korea AeroSpace Administration succeeds in its establishment in the future, the government could provide more proactive support for collaboration between space businesses from both countries, advancing the realization of Korea's space economy."






For further information, please contact the Public Relations Division (Phone: +82-44-202-4034, E-mail: of the Ministry of Science and ICT.



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