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MSIT and OECD host Joint Workshop on Digital Rights


- "Korea-OECD Joint Workshop on Digital Rights" was held at OECD Headquarters in France, on November 6th.

- MSIT shared the "Digital Bill of Rights" announced on September 25th with the OECD and led the discussion on global digital norms focusing on digital rights.


The Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Lee Jong-ho, hereinafter referred to as "MSIT") announced that the "Korea-OECD Joint Workshop on Digital Rights" was held at the OECD headquarters (Paris, France) in collaboration with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).


The OECD Workshop on Digital Rights was co-hosted by MSIT and the OECD to lead the discussion on digital norms at the OECD level based on the "Digital Bill of Rights," attended by high-level OECD officials, government representatives from member countries such as Spain, Australia, Chile, Brazil, and the EU Commission, as well as experts from global academia and civic groups.



⦁ Date : November 6th (Monday) 11:00-17:30, 2023

⦁ Location : OECD Headquarters in Paris, France

⦁ Participants:

- (Government and related agencies) The 2nd Vice Minister of MSIT Park Yun Kyu, President of the National Information Society Agency Jong Sung Hwang, Director of Multilateral Cooperation Research Department at Korea Information Society Development Institute Kang Hayun, etc

- (OECD Secretariat) Deputy Secretary General Ulrik Knudsen, (OECD Representative) Ambassador to the OECD Sangdae CHOI, etc

- (Participating countries and institutions) Government representatives from countries such as Spain, Australia, Chile, Brazil, and the EU, as well as participants such as Meta and Ofcom, civic groups, and academic experts, etc

The opening ceremony began with an opening speech by Ulrik Knudsen, Deputy Secretary General of the OECD, followed by a congratulatory speech by Sangdae CHOI, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the OECD, and a keynote speech by Park Yun Kyu, the 2nd Vice Minister of MSIT.


In a keynote speech, the 2nd Vice Minister Park Yun Kyu of MSIT introduced President Yoon Suk Yeol's leading discussion of digital norms in the international community through global efforts, and shared the Korean government’s "Digital Bill of Rights" announced in September. In addition, based on the five principles of the "Digital Bill of Rights", represented by freedom, fairness, safety, innovation, and solidarity, the responsible contribution of the Republic of Korea was emphasized along with the role of the OECD to realize a digital society of mutual prosperity, in which everyone around the world enjoys the benefits of digital technology. Concluding his keynote speech, the 2nd Vice Minister Park Yun Kyu of MSIT called for active support for hosting the 2030 World Expo in Busan so that Korea's digital experience can be shared more widely with global citizens.


Participants of the workshop expressed deep interest and empathy for the "Digital Bill of Rights", and responded favorably to the plan to discuss digital norms in the OECD led by South Korea in the future.


In the three panel discussions following the opening ceremony, government representatives from OECD member countries and relevant officials gathered to discuss the necessity and future challenges of digital norms in terms of inclusivity, trust and safety, and protection of rights, which are the main contents of the "Digital Bill of Rights", along with the social impact of digital transformation.


The workshop is of great significance in that while sharing and spreading the "Digital Bill of Rights" to OECD member countries, Korea will also proactively lead discussions on the digital normative order at the OECD level based on the results.


In addition, a bilateral meeting was held between the 2nd Vice Minister Park Yun Kyu and Deputy Secretary General of the OECD Ulrik Knudsen on the occasion of this event. In the meeting, a plan to establish a permanent discussion body for OECD global digital norms led by Korea was discussed. Moreover, it was agreed that Korea would lead OECD-level discussions on individual digital issues based on Korea's best practices while sharing follow-up policies for the "Digital Bill of Rights" such as diagnosing the status quo of responding to deepening digitalization.


The 2nd Vice Minister Park Yun Kyu of MSIT stated, "The announcement of the "Digital Bill of Rights" provided an opportunity for Korea to become a pioneering country in discussing global digital norms," adding, "We will continue to lead discussions on global digital norms based on close cooperation with the OECD amid fierce competition at the global level for AI and digital norms."



For further information, please contact the Public Relations Division (Phone: +82-44-202-4034, E-mail: of the Ministry of Science and ICT.


please refer to the attached PDF.

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