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Korea, Digital Infrastructure Powerhouse Continues into the 6G Era


- The 5G Forum celebrates its 10th anniversary and newly launched the 6G Forum


- The 6G Forum is expected to play a key role in global cooperation and cross-industry cooperation in telecommunications

 The Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) announced that the 5G Forum has been relaunched as the 6G Forum to celebrate its 10th anniversary on May 30 at The Plaza Hotel in Seoul, strengthening private sector cooperation on next-generation networks and supporting Korea's leadership in the field.


  The 5G Forum is a joint industry-academia-government forum launched in May 2013 to lead Korea in 5G sector. Since the beginning, the Forum has contributed to the establishment of the International Telecommunication Union's (ITU) 5G vision, held various events for information sharing and communication in the telecommunications sector such as 'Mobile Korea' every year, and taken the lead in global private cooperation by signing MoUs with overseas private organizations.


  As 5G is recently advanced based on the standardization schedule, the 6G clock is ticking rapidly with the announcement of the 6G vision expected later this year. Therefore, the 5G Forum has decided that now is the time to systematically accelerate its 6G preparations and has rebranded itself as the 6G Forum. The Forum plans to strengthen its role as the centerpiece of existing industry, academia, and research cooperation in the telecommunications field, and to serve as a medium for the convergence of other industries and telecommunications to activate new services.


  The government announced the "K-Network 2030 Strategy" in February this year, aiming to become a model country for next-generation networks in the era of digital sophistication. In particular, a preliminary feasibility study is underway to comprehensively support the investment in 6G technology development by expanding it from the existing source technology to commercialized technologies, sub-sectors, markets, and standards.


  The Chairperson of the Forum's Executive Committee, presented the achievements of the 5G Forum and the direction of the 6G Forum, and the Head of the Innovation Network Team at MSIT, introduced the main contents of the K-Network 2030 Strategy, focusing on subsequent 6G R&D projects. Following this, Samsung Electronics, Chairman of the ITU's 6G Vision Group, presented trends in 6G technology and standards, emphasizing that "as major countries such as the United States are already preparing for a fierce competition for technological supremacy, Korea should also respond strategically to technology development and standardization."


 Minister Lee Jong-ho said in his congratulatory remarks, "Although we have been strong in network sector, it is difficult to guarantee our superiority in the era of fierce competition for global technological hegemony." "It is time to accelerate public-private cooperation and cooperation amongst large, medium, and small companies to secure future network competitiveness, so I hope that the 6G Forum will play a pivotal role in helping Korea leap forward as a model country for next-generation networks," he emphasized.




For further information, please contact the Public Relations Division (Phone: +82-44-202-4033, E-mail: of the Ministry of Science and ICT.

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