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MSIT to aid stabilization of people’s livelihood


Minister Lee Jong-Ho of Science and ICT held an online conference with the heads of the Korea Telecommunications Operator Association, the Korea Cable Television Association, and the Korea TV Homeshopping Association, to discuss measures to stabilize the livelihood of the public and to support co-prosperity in the ICT field. Private corporates such as LG Hellovision, SKT, and LGU+ and Gong Young Shopping also participated in the conference and discussion.

In the keynote speech, Minister Lee urged the associations and corporates for their active participation and cooperation in order to improve the livelihood of the people and to co-thrive with the small and medium sized Enterprises (SME), mentioning that the economic situation of the people is worsening due to high interest rate, inflation, and repetitive outbreaks of COVID-19.

During the conference, various support measures were discussed by categories as following.

[Stabilizing the livelihood of the people]

The mobile carriers decided to provide free video calls and free mobile content during Chuseok holidays. They also decided to support the job-seekers by not charging for data when accessing the employment information websites. Cable TV companies decided to air regional product commerce programs until September 18 in cooperation with local government to vitalize local economy. Cable TV companies also decided to air the traditional market promotion content to help traditional merchants sell and deliver efficiently. The TV-data based online shopping companies will provide various discounts and point benefits for products of high demand.

[Supporting SMEs and micro enterprises] 


Conference participants welcomed the co-thriving support measures including early payment to SMEs, micro enterprises, and supply chains. First off, in order to support the partner SMEs, IPTV and communications companies will receive an early payment of total 136.6 billion won before Chuseok. Online shopping companies agreed to lower the commission fees for the quality local products from the micro partner enterprises. Also, mobile carriers decided to provide additional 50GB of mobile data on demand for subscribers using a phone plan targeting micro enterprise owners. In addition, if micro enterprise owners ask for pause amid internet subscription due to temporary or permanent close, carriers will lower the burden by extending the maximum pause period. Korea Post decided to expand that range of companies to give discounts of post delivery services, which is currently only provided to companies owned by young adults.  


[Enhancing stability of the communications]

Mobile carriers decided to run a more tensed system to enhance communications stability during the long holiday when the trouble shooting response can be slower. In addition, carriers agreed to reinforce notification alerts regarding phishing scams for all registered users.

Lastly, Minister Lee accentuated “It is essential to actively publicize various measures so that information can reach the public and benefits can spread wider.”

For further information, please contact the Public Relations Division (Phone: +82-44-202-4034, E-mail: of the Ministry of Science and ICT.

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