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MSIT Director selected as OECD Committee on Digital Economy Policy Vice-Chair


- A steppingstone for Korea to lead digital governance discussions at OECD 


The Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Lee Jong Ho, hereinafter referred to as "MSIT") announced that Director Choi Woo Seok of the Multilateral Cooperation Division, was elected as the Vice-Chair at the 92nd Meeting of the Committee on Digital Economy Policy under the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), held on December 4th through 5th in Paris, France. 


The objective of the Committee on Digital Economy Policy (CDEP) is to foster collaborative development across nations. As such, CDEP develops reviews and analyses on the trends of emerging digital technologies, such as next-generation mobile communications, Artificial Intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, and data, and their economic and social implications, as well as serving as a platform for member countries to exchange policy recommendations and best practices. 


Responsibilities of the CDEP include publication of the OECD Digital Economy Outlook 2024 after a four-year gap, which is a comprehensive report covering the entire digital sector, operation of the Global Forum on Technology, which analyzes latest trends in the development of new technologies and their impacts to the economy and society, and policy support for the establishment of digital governance, such as publishing the report "Rights in the Digital Age" and making contributions to the 2019 OECD AI Principles. The chairs are responsible for guiding overall discussions held inside the CDEP throughout the regular and leadership meetings. For the year 2024, Korea will serve as the Vice-Chair, alongside Japan, the Chair, and 4 other Vice-Chairs, namely the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, and Mexico. 


Director for Multilateral Cooperation Choi Woo Seok has a rich experience in digital policy, having served as the Head of the AI Promotion Office at MSIT, and is a seasoned professional in the field of multi- and bilateral cooperation, who was responsible for overseeing the coordination of the 2014 International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Plenipotentiary Conference in Korea. It is anticipated that Director Choi will actively partake in leading the OECD discussions on the establishment of digital governance, advocating Korea's national interest as a model digital nation. 



For further information, please contact the Public Relations Division (Phone: +82-44-202-4034, E-mail: of the Ministry of Science and ICT.  


Please refer to the attached PDF.

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