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2024 World IT Show Held in Seoul


- Participated by 446 companies and institutions from 10 countries, held at COEX, Seoul, from April 17 (Wed) to April 19 (Fri)

- Composed of various events including Global ICT Trend Insight Conference and Global ICT Buyer Export Consultation

- Concurrently held with the "ICT Tech Commercialization Festival 2024" and "ITRC Human Resource Development Festival 2024"

The Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Lee Jong-ho, hereinafter referred to as 'MSIT') inaugurated the 2024 World IT Show (,an exhibition presenting cutting-edge ICT products and services, at COEX in Seoul from Wednesday, April 17 to Friday, April 19.

The World IT Show, the largest ICT exhibition in Korea, captures the latest trends in information and communication technology and envisions the future.

* Originating from a series of IT exhibitions that began in 1981 (KIECO, SEK, EXPO-COMM, etc.), the World IT Show was formally established in 2008.

This year, the exhibition spanned 7,000 pyeong (approximately 23,140 square meters) and featured 446 companies and institutions from 10 countries.

The World IT Show ran concurrently with the “ICT Tech Commercialization Festival 2024”, which promoted the commercialization of ICT research and development achievements through technology transfer to the private sector, and the “ITRC Human Resource Development Festival 2024”, which showcased the outstanding achievements of the ICT human resource development project. This event truly embodied the achievements and experiences in the ICT field involving industry, academia, and research institutions.

This year’s theme, "Innovation in Everyday Life, Created by AI," set the stage for diverse exhibits that offer firsthand experiences of the transformative shifts brought about by AI, and a conference featuring industry experts from various fields to discuss the future shaped by AI, which has deeply infiltrated various areas of daily life, including generative AI and AI semiconductors.

The conference began at 11 AM KST on the first day, with a keynote speech by Ha Jung-woo, Executive Director of the AI Innovation Center at Naver Cloud, on "The Transformative Impact of Hyper-Scale Generative AI: Navigating Our Strategic Response." Park Sung-hyun, CEO of Rebellions, also spoke on "Generative AI and AI Semiconductors". In the afternoon session, a series of lectures covered topics such as medicine, networks, delivery markets, mobility, and robotics.

Additionally, the event aimed to enhance its appeal by expanding the participation of big tech companies and international firms. It offered a range of activities including export consultations, fundraising opportunities, and sessions for sharing success stories. There were also presentations of new products and technologies by participating companies and awards ceremonies for innovative digital companies. These activities were designed to significantly support the growth and development of promising digital innovation companies and startups.

In the ImpaCT-ech award, which recognizes outstanding innovations in digital convergence technologies, Samsung Electronics was awarded the Presidential Award for developing the world’s first 12nm-class 32Gb DDR5 DRAM in response to the increased demand driven by AI advancements. AETECH, among six companies, was honored with the MSIT Minister's Award for their development of a smart sorting robot system for recycling based on deep learning artificial intelligence.

Moreover, FRT Robotics, among four companies, which showcased wearable robots for muscular support and musculoskeletal disorder prevention, won the MSIT Minister's Award at the World IT Show Innovation Award presented to promising digital enterprises and startups participating in the World IT Show.

To promote the global presence of the World IT Show and Korea's digital technology excellence, diplomats from 15 countries, including ambassadors to Korea, will be invited to explore MSIT's digital policies and experience Korea's innovative solutions.

Minister Lee Jong-ho of MSIT stated, "Following the launch of the ‘the AI Strategy High-Level Consultative Council’ on April 4 to advance Korea into the G3 of AI technology and lead the future AI semiconductor market, we announced the AI-Semiconductor Initiative on April 9. With the upcoming AI Seoul Summit, scheduled for next month, we aim to consolidate our international standing by discussing AI's safe use and future developments with global leaders," reaffirming the commitment to policy support as Korea positions itself as an AI-leading nation.

For further information, please contact the Public Relations Division (Phone: +82-44-202-4034, E-mail: of the Ministry of Science and ICT. 

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