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No Barriers Between Ministries in AI and Digital Diplomacy


- All-out preparations for the "AI Seoul Summit" and "AI Global Forum"

- MSIT and MOFA held the inauguration ceremony for the "AI and Digital Diplomacy Policy Council"

The Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Lee Jong Ho, hereinafter referred to as ‘MSIT’) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minister Cho Tae-yul, hereinafter referred to as ‘MOFA’) announced the launch of the "AI and Digital Diplomacy Policy Council" at the inauguration ceremony held at the MOFA building in Jongno, Seoul, on the morning of May 10.

The "AI and Digital Diplomacy Policy Council" was established to elevate the cooperative relationship between the two ministries and to effectively address the increasingly complex global issues and changes in the AI and digital fields. This initiative follows President Yoon Suk Yeol's directive to create specific mechanisms for enhancing inter-ministerial cooperation.

During the inauguration ceremony, an MOU was signed to outline the direction and commitment to cooperation between the two ministries. According to the MOU, MSIT will share updates on domestic and international AI and digital policies and systems, while MOFA will provide insights into trends in the establishment and revision of norms by leading countries and international organizations in the AI and digital sectors. Both ministries aim to strategically collaborate to proactively contribute to the formation of global norms.

The two ministries also agreed to work closely on various diplomatic initiatives such as hosting international events, joining consultative bodies, and engaging in elections in international organizations. They will also cooperate in identifying and promoting new projects for Official Development Assistance (ODA) and the overseas expansion of domestic companies. Additionally, they plan to work closely with companies to ensure that overseas operations and investments by Korean companies are treated fairly. To facilitate effective implementation, a new consultative body at the vice-ministerial level (2nd Vice Minister KANG Dohyun of MSIT and 2nd Vice Minister Kang Insun of MOFA) will be formed and operated.

Furthermore, during the ceremony, the ministers of both MSIT and MOFA reviewed the preparations for the upcoming "AI Seoul Summit" and "AI Global Forum," scheduled to take place in about ten days.

The "AI Seoul Summit," to be held on May 21-22, will consist of Leaders’ Session and Ministers’ Session. The virtual Leaders’ Session will discuss the future directions of AI, including safety, innovation, and inclusivity, with the confirmed participation of heads of major countries, leaders of international organizations, and CEOs of big tech companies.

The Ministers’ Session, to be held in person at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) on the afternoon of May 22, will discuss the progress of AI safety research institutes in various countries and global cooperation strategies. It will also cover the "International Scientific Report on the Safety of Advanced AI," set to be released before the "AI Seoul Summit," focusing on securing global AI safety capabilities. Additionally, discussions will include addressing the potential adverse impacts of AI, such as energy consumption, employment, and misinformation, and ensuring the sustainability and resilience of AI development. Major countries, including Germany, France, Spain, and Singapore, have confirmed their participation, along with key figures from big tech companies like OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, Anthropic, and many domestic companies, academia, and civil society.

Minister Lee Jong Ho of MSIT stated, "As emerging core technologies in the AI and digital sectors increasingly influence national competitiveness and security, it is crucial to strategically respond to the global competition for AI and digital leadership and governance. We will lead the establishment of new digital norms and order by consolidating the capabilities of both ministries, based on Korea's AI and digital vision, such as the Digital Bill of Rights."

Minister Cho Tae-yul of MOFA said, "The 'AI Seoul Summit' will make Seoul a historic site where heads of state and company representatives from technology-leading countries gather to discuss how to manage the transformative power of AI. The two ministries are already working as one to present a vision of AI governance that encompasses safety, innovation, and inclusivity to the international community, leveraging our diplomatic prowess and leading scientific technology."

For further information, please contact the Public Relations Division (Phone: +82-44-202-4034, E-mail: of the Ministry of Science and ICT.

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